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Becoming a Dementia Friendly business or organisation


Unfortunately the Vale of Glamorgan contract with Marie Curie has not been renewed and therefore Marie Curie are no longer directly supporting businesses and organisations across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan wishing to become  Dementia Friendly. There remain several on-line links to Marie Curie support.

The practical aspects of the Welsh Government’s commitment to building *Dementia Friendly Communities throughout Wales is being clarified.

A representative of your business will be provided with resources to identify some simple, low-cost actions that can be taken at a time to suit you.


These actions can include:

  • become a Dementia Friend with Alzheimer’s Society by accessing a free information session

  • review the accessibility of your business premises using a specially produced environment checklist

  • signpost people affected by dementia to the resources and support available to them


Taking action, no matter how small, will mean that your business will become more welcoming and accessible for people living with dementia and those people caring for them.


It will also mean that people affected by dementia can visit their local businesses - with confidence – and you can be certain you are helping to make a difference to the lives of your customers living or working in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan and also to your staff.


There is no cost in becoming Dementia Friendly, it’s a straightforward process and your business will become recognised in the local community as being welcoming and accessible to people affected by dementia.


To find out more information about becoming Dementia Friendly, please email Dementia Friendly Organisations

You can also find out more about the journey of becoming a Dementia Friendly business or organisation by visiting the Marie Curie Wales You Tube channel. Click here or use the QR code.


*This work is based on a partnership between Marie Curie,
Cardiff Council, Vale Council, Alzheimer’s Society Cymru
and Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

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