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There are  many sources of help for those touched by dementia. Some are listed below with a link to a larger list on another website.

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The Alzheimer’s Society is the UK’s leading dementia charity. The  Alzheimer’s Society campaigns for change, funds research to find a cure and supports people living with dementia today. A wide range of support services ensures nobody should have to face dementia alone.

Alzheimer's Society - Dementia Connect.     Dementia Connect provides you with information and practical support to help you understand more about dementia and support you to live well with dementia. The service aims to ensure that you: have accurate, clear, relevant and useful information that is easy to understand.

  0333 150 3456


Marie Curie is the UK’s leading end of life charity. Marie Curie provides frontline nursing and hospice care, a free support line and a wealth of information and support on all aspects of support for people diagnosed with a terminal condition including dementia.

Everyone will be affected by dying, death and bereavement – that can't be avoided. What can be helped, however, is whether they get the best possible experience, reflecting what's most important to them. People with dementia may experience problems with thinking, memory, behaviour and mobility. It can be difficult to recognise when someone with dementia is nearing the end of their life. Whatever your question, Marie Curie is here to help with practical information and support.

  0800 090 2309


When you’re facing dementia, life can feel overwhelming. Our nurses, called Admiral Nurses, provide life-changing care for families affected by all forms of dementia.

We have helped thousands of families to live better for longer with dementia, which comes from the time we take to get to know people and understand their experiences. That doesn’t mean we’ll have all the answers but we know what you’re experiencing and we can help you through it.

     020 8036 5400


Cardiff & Vale Action for Mental Health (cavamh) provides a range of services around mental health involvement – including support for groups and involvement representatives, discussion groups and a range of resources – for anyone with an interest in mental health in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.


DEEP is a network of groups of people with dementia all across the UK.

There are around 80 groups and DEEP connects them together to share their experience and to support each other.


The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales protects and promotes the rights of older people throughout Wales, scrutinising and influencing a wide range of policy and practice to improve their lives. She provides help and support directly to older people through her casework team and works to empower older people and ensure that their voices are heard and acted upon. The Commissioner’s role is underpinned by a set of unique legal powers to support her in reviewing the work of public bodies and holding them to account when necessary.

The Commissioner is taking action to end ageism and age discrimination, stop the abuse of older people and enable everyone to age well.

The Commissioner wants Wales to be the best place in the world to grow older.


Sometimes you may just need someone to talk to. It can help to discuss your fears and feelings with someone who understands, but is not emotionally involved.
We have a comprehensive database of services, both statutory and voluntary, which may be able to help. Services can be local to you or national contacts, if needed.
We can also send self-help and agency leaflets to you, completely free of charge. Calls are free and you do not need to give any personal details to obtain help or information.

    Freephone: 0808 808 2235

    Text 'help' to 81066


There are many other useful links on the Dewis Cymru website which can be found by entering "Dementia" and your postcode in the search boxes on this webpage:

Glamorgan Voluntary Services also has a comprehensive list of services available about support, advice and information for older people.

     Directory of Services for Older People in the Vale and Cardiff

Western Vale Family Practice Dementia page

Western Vale Family Practice Carers page

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